Workpackage number 10: Food safety issues Start date or start event: 0
Activity Type: RTD/Innovation
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  1. Development inactivation mathematical models for the new technologies used in disinfection of irrigation water.
  2. Evaluation of the existing Good Agricultural Practices according to the new irrigation technologies to be developed in the project.
  3. Implementation of a Hazard Analysis Control Crop Points “HACCP” system at an agricultural level

Description of work

There are two main objectives in this workpackage:

(Task 10.1) Development of mathematical models to describe and predict the effect of the new disinfection technologies applied to irrigation water.

Assessment of the impact of those technologies on the food safety commodities: Kinetic inactivation models will be developed in order to optimize the disinfection treatments considering the microbial load, process parameters and environmental factors. Those models will be based on stochastic approaches rather than in deterministic equations. This work package will use data obtained in the work package 8, those data will be obtained following an appropriate statistical design.

(Task 10.2) Guidelines on Good Agricultural Practices according to the new irrigation procedures and implementation of an “Hazard Analysis Control Crop Points, HACCP” based system for this type of crops.

To achieve food safety of agricultural commodities is the first stage in the “farm to table”concept. Consequently, the existing Good Agricultural Practices should be evaluated for those new developments, in order to detect data gaps and whether or not new prerequisites are necessary. Introduction of HACCP systems on the agricultural field is another important task mainly when new technologies are developed. Detection of Control Crop Points (CCP´s) and establish control measures is important to guaranty the safety of agricultural commodities.


D53: Microbiological inactivation models (month 33).

D57: A general HACCP plan for the growth of fruits using those new technologies (month 34)

D58: Good Agricultural Practices recommendations according to those new technologies (month 35)

Milestonesand expected result:

Milestones: M10.1.Month 33: The microbiological inactivation models will be neccesary in order to evaluate the ultrasound prototipe technology as useful desinfectgion technique.M10.2. Month 34, 35: The report on “good agricultural practices” and “HACCP” plant will be included in the definitive guidelines on “best management practices”.

Results: WP10 is a work package which will collect information on the crop safety production with the current and the new agricultural practices. In this way, the guidelines for “good agricultural practices” and “HACCP” plan for the new irrigation technologies will one of the most important and relevant outputs of the IRRIQUAL project.