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BIMPs constitute a major tool for communicating and making applicable the results of IRRIQUAL project. Three objectives must be reached during the BIMPs elaboration:

  1. Comprehensive applicability.
  2. Construction with measurable and easy-to-evaluate steps.
  3. Easy incorporation into Integrated Production protocols (IPM).

Description of work

(Task 11.1) Collection and processing of present situation on irrigation and fertigation practices, quality and quantity of available water and water management mechanisms per area of study (months 1-36).

BIMPs must be developed after extensive collection and processing of on-farm data, and in close cooperation with growers and decision-makers (cooperatives, extension services and governmental authorities). Therefore, in this WP farmers and irrigators’ associations will be closely associated to the evaluation of the BMP framework and to the elaboration and diffusion of the guidelines, as well as on the further dissemination activities (WP 13).

(Task 11.2) Development of Irrigation Best Management Practices for each crop and cultivation area (months 13-36).

In a first stage, initial drafts of BIMPs will be made public for criticism and feedback in each location of study and for each crop.The initial draft versions will be progressively modified and improved at the light of the regional sites results and considering the feedback from end users.

The SME involved in WP9 (Irrigation Technology) will also be involved in this WP, as they may contribute to the aspects linked to the use of the sensors and control systems by farmers.

The coordinator of WP11 is UTH (Greece), and will be assisted, for the INCO areas, by IAV (Marocco) and LARI (Lebanon).


D14:Collection and procession of actual situation of irrigation practices. First year (month 12).

D33:Collection and procession of actual situation of irrigation practices. Second year (month 24).

D51: First draft containing the structure, contents and specifications of Irrigation Best Management Practices including processed present situation data (month 30).

D68:Definitive comprehensive Guidelines on Irrigation Best Management Practices for each crop and cultivation area, after evaluation and improvement of the first draft (month 36).

Milestonesand expected result:

Milestones: M11.1.Month 24: Processed data on present situation for irrigation practices (also to be used at WP12). M11.2. Month 30: The main specifications of the Irrigation Best Management Practices should be available for further public discussion. M11.3.Month 36: The definitive version of Irrigation BMPs should be published and ready to be diffused to stakeholders.

Results: WP11 is a work package which will collect information on current agricultural practices related to irrigation and fertigation and use the information collected from other WPs of IRRIQUAL project to develop Irrigation Best Management Practices, necessary towards the adoption of sustainable irrigation practices. In this way, the guidelines for Irrigation BMPs represent one of the most important and relevant outputs of the IRRIQUAL project.