Workpackage number 12:  Valuation of sustainability  Start date or start event: 0
Activity Type: RTD/Innovation
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  1. Analysis and adaptation of methodologies for assessing the effects of new irrigation strategies and technology on the sustainability of fruit tree farming systems.
  2. Evaluation of the socio-economic impact of irrigation strategies, in terms of farmer´s profitability and potential for technology adoption, increased value of irrigation water and demand of agricultural manpower.

Description of work

(Task 12.1) Assessment of the socio-economic impact and sustainability of new technology and irrigation strategies at farm and regional scales (months: 1- 36).

WP12 is a prospective-oriented work programme. It will cope with (i) the socio-economic issues directly linked to new irrigation strategies adoption and (ii) the evaluation of the benefits derived from the expected increase in water use efficiency and improvement of fruit quality. It will mainly focus on the analysis and valuation of the socio-economic and environmental impact of the new management strategies.

The main research activities will focus on the analysis of the water use efficiency (from an agronomic as well as socio-economic point of view) obtained with the different irrigation strategies, and the valuation of the impact of the irrigation strategies on the farm economy (micro scale, e.g. expected returns, investments, training needs).

The coordinator of WP12 will be UPCT, and will be assisted, for the INCO areas, by IAV (Marocco) and LARI (Lebanon).


D15: Acqusition of data for statistical and economic analysis. First year (month 12).

D34: Acqusition of data for statistical and economic analysis. First year (month 24).

D43: Report “Development of new methodologies for assessing the efficiency and sustainability of the irrigated agrosystems studied” (month 24)

D52: Report on the socio-economical assessment of new irrigation practices. Comparative socio-economic assessment of the irrigation management alternatives, and their potential for adoption by farmers (month 33).

D59: Report on the effects of irrigation on the sustainability of fruit tree production (month 35).

Milestonesand expected result:

Milestones: M12.1.Month 24: Methods for sustainability assessment are available and ready to use. M12.2.Month 36: The sustainability analysis is completed and conclusions are available for diffusion.

Results: WP12 is a prospective-oriented work programme which will use the information supplied from other WPs of the IRRIQUAL proposal in order to perform costs-benefits and sustainability analysis at the farm and regional levels. It will widen the scope of the study to the eventual spin-offs and benefits for other sectors. Therefore, the results of this WP will be of great value for deciders and policy makers of the Mediterranean Countries, as it will supply the necessary information and criteria for strategic decisions about irrigation infrastructures and on farm investment.