Workpackage number 13: Dissemination,training and technology transfer Start date or start event: 0
Activity Type: RTD/Innovation
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  1. Dissemination of the proposed irrigation practices and related know how and technology
  2. Training and formation of irrigation specialists
  3. Transfer of the irrigation technology to SME
  4. Diffusion of Irrigation Best Management Practices (BMP) to the European farmers and stakeholders.

Description of work

IRRIQUAL is first and foremost an applied project, whose outputs and deliverables will have immediate and practical applications in terms of water savings, and decision making for water policy makers (water pricing, structures, planning, etc.). The different dissemination and transfer activities have been previously described in the “Plan for using and disseminating knowledge”. Therefore, in addition to regular reports to the Commission on the progress and achievements of IRRIQUAL, the following dissemination and transfer activities will be implemented in WP13. This will ensure the results of our project to be available to a large audience of stakeholders and policy makers:

(Task 13.1) Dissemination of irrigation know-how, technology and scheduling (months: 1-36).

  • A Project Presentation Leaflet, advertising the activities and objectives of the project, will be prepared for displaying at scientific meetings, distribution to visitors and posting to identified stakeholders (Month 4).
  • Use of the Web site of the Project for a wide and open dissemination of our results. At this aim, the IRRIQUAL site will have a public section with didactic and consulting information about irrigation technology and practices. A monthly actuality page, with RDI news, articles, papers and related seminars will be included in the Web Site.
  • Publication of scientific articles as well as technical manuals and brochures. Dissemination activities reports. Presentations in relevant Congresses and Seminars related.

(Task 13.2)Transfer to the Mediterranean farmers of irrigation technology and BIMP (months: 19-36)

  • Dissemination and demonstration activities in “Pilot Farms” of the different regional sites. The idea is to use the farms used in IRRIQUAL as demonstration and training places. Besides, the benefits of the RDI strategies with respect to other irrigation techniques will be explained and demonstrated in these “Pilot Farms”.
  • Elaboration of educational material and training courses at different levels will be held in the Morocco, Lebanon and Spain: (i) Low level (Brief courses only for a first introduction to irrigation problematic). (ii) Medium Level (Courses for selected farmers). (iii) High Level (Specialization courses for irrigation engineers, members of agricultural extension services, etc.). In the High Level Courses, the purpose is the formation of future irrigation training specialists and educators.
  • Holding regular workshops and discussion meetings. Two specific discussion meetings (First for information during month 9, and second for dissemination during month 20) will be held in Spain,Morocco and Lebanon,with representatives of the different stakeholders (Farmers, local and national institutions, secondary and higher educations institutions, etc.). Many of these activities will continue after the project’s completion.
  • Periodical meetings, included in the project management activities, will also be used as a means of dissemination. In this aspect, the Final Conference, that will be held in Murcia,has a special relevance. During this Conference, the establishment of a Regulated Deficit Irrigation Mediterranean Network (open for those research groups, institutions or SMEs interested in this topic) will be defined in order to continue the research, diffusion and development of RDI strategies after the IRRIQUAL project’s completion. The feasibility and details of this network should be assessed during the early phases of the project and then “defined” and established at this final conference.


D2: IRRIQUAL Web Page (month 3)

D3: Project Presentation Leaflet (month 4).

D16: Publication of scientific articles and congresses presenttions. First year (month 1-12).

D17: Information meetings with end users and stakeholders. (month 6).

D21: First dissemination activities report (month 12)

D35: Publication of scientific articles and congresses presentations. Second year (Month 12-24).

D37: Dissemination meetings with end users and stakeholders. (month 24).

D41: Second dissemination activities report (month 24).

D50: Publication of scientific articles and congresses presentations. Third year (Month 25-36).

D56: Irrigation dissemination courses for farmers and specialists in each region (Month 34)

D63: Third dissemination activities report (Month 36)

D69: Final conference: Redaction of “Final plan for using and dissemination knowledge” and definition of beyond-termination activities (Month 36)

Milestonesand expected result:

Milestones: M13.1.Month 3: IRRIQUAL Web Page will be a neccesary instrument for all disemination and management activities. M13.2. Months 9, 21, 33: The periodical disemination meetings with stakeholders will be important in order to plan the different activities and to push determined dissemination tasks M13.3: Months 9,20, 34: The periodical dissemination reports will indicate the necessity for changes in the dissemination plans previously agreed. M13.4. Month 36: The final conference and the redaction of “final plans for using and disseminating knowledge” will garantee the success of dissemination activities beyond the lifetime of IRRIQUAL.

Results:The dissemination activities will permit that outputs and deliverables of different WPs have immediate and practical application in terms of farmers’ information and training, water savings, and decision making for water policy makers (water pricing, structures, planning, etc.).