Workpackage number 8: Water desinfection Start date or start event: 0
Activity Type: RTD/Innovation
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  1. Prototype development of the ultrasound transducer.
  2. Development of sanitizing treatments by using ultrasound power at laboratory scale. Comparison of with other water disinfection techniques.
  3. Implementation of selected treatments in irrigation water and ponds.
  4. To establish action protocol for different situation of contaminated irrigation water and ponds.

Description of work

(Task 8.1) Development of a prototype of ultrasound generator for irrigation water disinfection (months: 1-14)

Firstly, a laboratory scale prototype will be developed, which will allow trying different ultrasonic frequency and power ranges, as needed for the experimental design

(Task 8.2) Evaluation at laboratory scale of different ultrasound treatments on macro-algae and micro-organisms (months: 11-25).

The next step will be the selection of most effective ultrasound treatments to eliminate the main algae and micro-organisms present in different water sources. The selection of the treatments will be carried out at laboratory scale by using contaminated water with different algae, as well as water inoculated with different pathogenic and spoilage micro-organisms. The synergic effect of different disinfection treatments combining ultrasound techniques with heat and ozone treatments will be also undertaken at laboratory scale.

(Task 8.3) In-situ evaluation of the effectiveness of the disinfection process in real conditions (e.g. irrigation ponds). (months: 22-36).

In the last development stage, the suitability of the selected treatments will be validated in real conditions. Therefore, the effectiveness of the treatments will be evaluated, based on the microbial quality of the irrigation water and the reduction of visible algae present in irrigation ponds.

The prototype will be developed by a SME (CONTARIEGO) in close collaboration with CEBAS-CSIC. Finally, the prototype and the pond disinfection techniques will be tested in farm pilots of Southeast Spain (CSIC), Agadir (SAPIAMA) and Lebanon (LRA).


D13: Development of the ultrasound prototype (month 12).

D42:Report: “Effects of the ultrasound treatments on the predominant groups of macro-algae and microorganisms present in different water sources”(month 24).

D65: Report: ”Efficiency of the ultrasound treatment to different water quality at laboratory scale and in actual conditions” (month 36)

D66: Guidelines and booklets detailing ultrasounds use protocols for different irrigation water sources (month 36).

Milestonesand expected result:

Milestones: M8.1.Month 12: The development of the ultrasound prototype will be necessary step to test the use of ultrasound treatments at field and laboratories scales.

Results: It will be possible to evaluate the use of ultrasound as an alternative technology to traditional irrigation water disinfection.